Zac Macaulay is an underwater cameraman and photographer
Zac likes to use a strong graphic element in his filming and underwater photography, using design, colour palette and good composition as a thread that runs through his work.

Roo Panes – Ophelia – Music Video

Director – Chris Thomas
Producer – Richard Standen
DOP – Lee Thomas
Water Camera Operator – Zac Macaulay
Focus Puller – Lloyd Cook
Steadicam – Will Lyte
Runner – Joshua Armstrong

I shot the project on my Panasonic GH5 in a Seacam housing – a cost effective and compact shooting option at 4K. My large dome port, allowed the sea to lap at the base to enhance the strong and real feel of the sea. The shoot required a fast frame rate, which looks very effective with water as a subject, and the action was subsequently slowed down to give that wonderful slow motion, cool vibe.

The project took place over two days and I shot the water scenes off the beach at Newhaven, East Sussex. The weather that particular Sunday afternoon was superb, with warm autumn sunshine turning into one the finest, ruby red sunsets I have ever seen.

I didn’t know much about the storyline in advance and Director Chris Thomas was open to ideas and suggestions about framing and camera movements once we were in the water. The actors were wonderful.

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