Zac Macaulay is an underwater cameraman and photographer
Zac likes to use a strong graphic element in his filming and underwater photography, using design, colour palette and good composition as a thread that runs through his work.


Camera kit – Arri Alexa Mini or Alexa
We can shoot with a Gates / Arri Alexa Mini, or full size Alexa camera. This supports Alexa’s own WCU4, 3 axis lens control system through 30-45 meter long hard wired cables from surface to camera. The kit comes with glass, flat and dome ports, for different focal lengths.

Camera kit – Gates / Red combination
We own and shoot with a Gates / Red Epic Dragon combination, with a 6K capability. This has fantastically high resolution with a manageable file size.

Follow Focus
We can include remote follow focus control to the surface or remote follow focus, turnover and Iris if desired.

Port Options
We can offer 8 or 10 inch dome ports or flat mineral glass ports / ultra large size domes for out of water shots shot in the water.

The housing has the latest Gates SPR110 large dome port rings to accommodate physically large lenses. Macro lenses and Macro scopes are also supported for specialist cinematography.

The Housing is a Deep Weapon Weapon housing which is ultra reliable. Additionally and importantly our housing has been upgraded to accommodate the Red Weapon camera with a 8K capability, which can also be available.

Tripods / legs
All the above rigs can be supplied with an underwater grip package consisting of tall and / or short legs and a dampened tripod head for smooth panning for locked off shots.

Panasonic GH5 / Seacam Combination
We also own and shoot with the new Panasonic GH5 which competes with some pro movie cameras in terms of quality. Shooting 4K at 25, 30, 50 or 60p also in 1080 at 100 or 180p. It has a built in image stabiliser, for smooth shooting.

This wonderful camera makes it more affordable for some productions without compromising much quality.

We look forward to talking with you about your underwater production soon.

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