Zac Macaulay is an underwater cameraman and photographer
Zac likes to use a strong graphic element in his filming and underwater photography, using design, colour palette and good composition as a thread that runs through his work.


HSE Qualification

Zac holds the all important HSE qualification, a legal requirement to work underwater in the UK with crew and lighting productions.
HSE number – MSC/38484/99

The Rules Broadly described

HSE (Applies to the UK only)

HSE Dive team in the UK – To make any water bourne production safe and if compressed air is being used by anyone in the production (including the camera operator) the HSE regulations will require production to use an HSE qualified dive team.

I have a small list of HSE dive teams that are available around the UK.

Film Tanks or Studios – If you shoot in a film tank the HSE team will come as standard with your booking, the size of which will be based on your specific requirements.

Actors – If you are using actors who will be performing underwater the rules for actors are below:

Being fed air – If your actors are to be fed air by safety divers they will need a HSE medical to be allowed to perform the stunt – ie if they are working deeper and / or not falling or jumping in the water on purpose.

Breath holding – If your actors are working shallow, swimming or breath holding they don’t need an HSE medical certificate.

Bear in mind the ability of the individual actors ability to act underwater and their physical / mental state (ie do they smoke, or are they a natural swimmer ?)


Accessing talent that can work in or underwater – I highly recommend getting your talent or actors from an agency which is used to supplying talent that can actually work in the water. I can recommend Aquabatix agency:

HSE Medicals in the UK – You can find a HSE doctor local to your actor from this site – it costs between £ 100 – £ 200 and takes 90 minutes, allow travel time to the doctor.

Or Google –

Approved medical examiners of divers

For a more detailed description of the HSE rules you can visit the following official HSE link

Media Diving Projects

Diving at Work Regulations 1997. Approved Code of Practice Guidance.

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