About Zac Macaulay underwater photographer and cameraman

Zac's underwater photography and filming company is based in the UK but works all over the world for advertising and editorial clients.


Zac's career spanning over 20 years as a film & underwater photography specialist has taken him and his crew all over the world shooting for a wide variety of agencies both advertising and editorial for many and varied clients. He likes to use a strong graphic element in his photographic style, using colour and composition as a thread that runs through his work.

He is as happy shooting commercial advertising shoots in purpose-built flooded studios, tanks or private pools for ultimate control as he is in the open sea on assignment. He has built up countless fix it contacts all around the world to help facilitate your production and a large knowledge of locations to help you find that special beach or bay just right for your shoot.

Film / movie and stills Production - Cameras

Movie - Gates, Red Epic Dragon or Weapon or Arri Alexa Housing with the XT or SXT
Stills - Seacam, Nikon combination

For more detailed description of kit visit the 'Movie' page

Pricing / Pricing for Zac is based on a competitive day rate and we can work to a budget if required and if appropriate

Underwater Studios / Zac knows a large range of underwater film studios, tanks, locations (around the world or in the UK) or pools with day rates to suit all budgets, depending on your project or production.

Lighting / Lighting can be either a competitive all in package or more bespoke equipment for specialist larger shoots which may require a qualified electrician. Zac uses the latest underwater camera systems which rely on much less light than even a year ago so lighting budgets have reduced commensurately. Zac owns a fair amount of underwater and dry lighting which can be incorporated (if appropriate) within some shoot budgets.

Crew / Zac has a tight well known crew that he has worked with for many years. Crew are generally tailored to the production type, from just one assistant to a much larger crew for larger productions.

HSE Qualification

Zac holds the all important HSE qualification, a legal requirement to work underwater in the UK with crew and lighting productions.


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Little Dolphin Images / baby and child underwater photography

Zac can now offer world class professional underwater baby photography helping 'create lifelong memories' for mums and dads all over the UK and abroad.

Zac and his wife Fliss have been shooting children and babies underwater for twelve years. Find out more about this award winning service at: